Banner image for author Steven Bereznai's website for his book Queeroes about gay teens with superpowers. Shows muscular young men and strong women.
Book cover for author Steven Bereznai's gay teen superhero book Queeroes_
Book cover for author Steven Bereznai's young adult gay superhero book Queeroes_
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Welcome to the home of author Steven Bereznai's

young adult superhero series Queeroes, 

where Smallville meets American Horror Story and Queer As Folk.

Quote: "A wicked and witty hybrid of Heroes and Gossip Girl" --Richard Labonte, Books to Watch Out For, with images of book covers for Queeroes and Queeroes 2, gay teens with superpowers, muscular young men, strong female superheroes












From bestselling, award-winning author Steven Bereznai comes a critically acclaimed tale of campy teenage otherness with an American Horror Story bent.

What happens when a closeted jock, a scrawny nerd, and a pair of bratty cheerleaders develop superpowers in a small-town high school?


In Queeroes (Book 1), can they stop a pair of super-powered classmates hellbent on reshaping the student body in a darker image?

In Queeroes 2, can they defeat a group of lesbians determined to make the Queeroes responsible young adults— no matter the cost?

Or will teen angst, jealousy, and ill-timed romance doom them all?

Fast, fun, and sexy, Queeroes is where unlikely teen heroes must face their darkest fears to become their truest selves.

“A wicked and witty hybrid of Heroes and Gossip Girl.”

—Books to Watch Out For

“Science fiction has just been put on notice—total fabulousness has landed and is here to stay.”

—SPACE: The Imagination Station

“Jam-packed with action, romance, and enough ka-pow to keep you speed-reading to the heartfelt end.”

—Play magazine


“Bereznai has the imagination of Stan Lee with the wit of RuPaul.”

—IN magazine


“Witty and fun.”

—Instinct magazine


“Teen angst has never been so entertaining or looked so good.”

—The Advocate



“I love Bereznai's characters.”

—Tom Cardamone, editor of The Lavender Menace: Tales of Queer Villainy


“Queeroes 2 makes me want a high-school do-over.”

—Jessica Gao, Emmy Award winning writer for Rick and Morty and Head Writer for Marvel's She-Hulk



“This book is just fun. I was laughing all the way through it...Loved all of these characters. Even the crazy bad guys were great for laughs.”

—Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions



Image of characters from author Steven Bereznai's young adult novel Queeroes about gay teens with superpowers: Where super-powered gay teens must face their darkest fears to become their truest selves
Bio image of author Steven Bereznai the award-winning, bestselling author of the young adult superhero series Gen M and Queeroes. He's inspired by TV shows like Buffy, Teen Wolf, The 100 and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power along with books like The Hunger Games. He's known for a style that's fast, fun, and paradoxically dark. Steven lives in Toronto.